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September 1, 2002

"You Set Me Free" - Michelle Branch


Wow...I'm tired.  Last night I went to sleep after talking to Mike about 9:45.  Of course it took me a while to get to sleep, but hey who wouldn't?  I mean, I was getting to leave and see him in a few hours!  But I fell asleep around 10 but at 10:30 the phone rang, jolting me wide awake.  Mary Jo, Cali and Megan were all watching Sliding Doors, and it was loud.  I shouldn't complain, though.  I was wide awake, anticipating having to leave in four hours, and listening to one of my favorite movies.  It was another hour or so before I finally got up and got a drink of water, talked to Mary Jo, Cali and Megan for a little while, and then tried to go back to sleep.

One o'clock rolls around and I finally tell myself "fuck it!"  I get up and start getting everything ready.  Why shouldn't I just leave an hour or two early?  Ooooh, probably because I get on the road and I immediately begin the worrying cycle of wondering if he'll be upset with me for showing up early, if he is going to be glad to see me, if he's really as excited to see me as I am to see him.  I mean, this was the second time we were going to see each other and there were all these nerves and anticipation burning in my stomach the whole eight hours that I drove. 

At one point, I've made the conscious decision to never, ever stop at a rest stop that isn't somewhere in the city and well lit.  I stopped at a rest stop around 3 a.m. and felt distinctly uncomfortable about even getting out of my car.  The rest area was in a small wooded area with plenty of lighting, but there were a lot of men who were just sitting outside, their bus stopped.  They made some comments as I walked by, which obviously sent me scurrying inside where I went to the bathroom like I'd been needing to do almost since I left the house.

I did, however, get up to Mike's around 10:30 (I took my time and took a lot of stops that I probably didn't need), just in time to keep him from leaving the house to run some errands.  I'd never been so scared in my life that he'd ask me, "What the hell are you doing here?!"  But I pulled up and he smiled at me, and my stomach started fluttering like it always does when he smiles.  We hugged and stood outside talking for a little bit before we went inside.  His family was gone, and so we stood around in his room, talking awkwardly with one another.  It's hard, going from talking all the time on the phone and through IM and then finally seeing each other, I get tongue tied and unsure of myself.  Thoughts are always going through my head such as, "Does he really love me?"  or "How can he possibly think I'm beautiful?"

We eventually started talking and then he got changed into his BDU's and I lost all control of being able to resist him.  I got up just to give him a kiss, but, as it always does, one thing leads to another, and then another, and the next thing I know, we're stripping each other and laying on the bed and he's moving on me and in me and kissing me and touching me and doing everything right that he always does with me.  Wow...

His father came home just after we'd straightened ourselves up and I have to admit that I feel young again, remembering what it was like to get straightened up so that the parents wouldn't be slapped in the face with what their children were doing, even though they knew full well.  But we hung around his place until about 1 or so and then went and got something to eat at this place that serves you food right in the car.  The burger was incredible and the fries were good, but it was the company that did it for me.

After lunch, we went to the Comfort Inn and I got the jacuzzi suite, although I probably shouldn't have, it was almost more than I could afford, but it was entirely worth it when we walked in the room and he saw it.  We...well, lol, we had sex again on our bed and he gets me every single time...just everything about him and the way he is.  Maybe it's just because it's the two of us, who knows?

After a quick shower, and me thinking that I'd like nothing more than to share a shower with him, we got ready and went to the concert. Tool is incredible in concert. I didn't listen to them much before I came up, but now that I have, I have to say that it's incredible music. Very powerful and makes me move. During the concert, I was leaning up against him, his arms were around me, and he was beating out the rhythm on my hips. LOL, I think I came away with bruises from the concert. Every so often, he'd lean forward and kiss my head...I can still close my eyes and feel him there with me.

We drove back from the concert, and Ryan and I made fun of Mike a couple times, sending him into a mock pouting mood, but I apologized properly once we were back in the room. With a jacuzzi going, we started out there but ended up on the bed for some of the most incredible sex I've ever had. We were all over the place, and his hands...goddess, his hands were all over me and touching me. He has this incredible body that I want to kiss and touch all over and...well...let us just say that he is very well off in other areas as well. After a very sweaty and exhilarating hour, dear goddess, an hour! we fell asleep at 2 a.m. Passed out in each other's arms.

I love him. Completely. For everything he is, for everything he does. It's in the way he touches me, it's in the way he looks at me. It's in the way he makes me laugh and it's in the way he tells me so simply that he loves me. Goddess...

I'll do anything for this man.