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September 26, 2002
9:43 p.m.
"To Get Me To You" - Lila MaCann


I've discovered that the man I'm with is a very wonderful man indeed. He wants to take care of me, even if he didn't come out and say it, he does. "I don't want you to ever worry about money again." He tells me. And then he asks what I write about and why I think he's so wonderful. LOL, oh hell, if he ever found this link and read all about what I write in here....I might probably die of embarrassment.

Whit, today, was on a roll in irritating me to no end. I was trying to get myself caught up on the filing and he kept calling me over, asking me questions to things that he could have just asked the bloody salesperson about, rather than breaking up my rhythm. Oh sure, he says that he's "sorry" (although not in those specific words) that he keeps bothering me, but if that were the case, he'd just simply ask someone else, especially when all I can tell him most times is, "I don't know, ask so and so." It just irritated me to no end that he kept doing that to me, when I was clearly trying to get something done that I couldn't get to lately. And then at 1 today, he comes up to me with a stack of invitations, the RSVP's and envelopes, hands me a list of names 50 people long and tells me that they have to be out by today in the mail. ?! I know for a fact that he had been holding on to those things for two weeks! And he hands it to me now. Not to mention that the RSVP's have to be in by October 1. Yes, you're looking at the date right now, aren't you? How fucking nice.

When I got home tonight, I didn't do much on the computer except to send out an email to some people at the Beldinor site to find out if they still wanted to be members since they hadn't written anything. Ever. Then I kind of just screwed around until Steve the Fireman popped up. Click on the link to find out why this is something noteworthy. Ah yes, now if you're female you're drooling, if you're male, you're fuming. We talked a little about Kristy, Megan's psycho across the way neighbor and then chatted with each other about most stuff. He's a pretty decent guy, thought I was hot (whatever) and he is definitely pretty. But I was also very clear that I had a boyfriend, even if it was long distance, and such, and he told me to pm him if I ever lost the boyfriend. Riiiiight. Like I'd ever leave my wonderful Mike. I love him too much.

How awesome is this? I have Mike on Hot or Not on the internet, and it looks like Mike has a 9.5! My baby is a 9.5! Conversely, mine is an 8.9, so that's not too bad, I suppose. Oh, who am I kidding! That makes me feel a little better knowing that there are some people out there who have rated me a 10 and they aren't anyone I know! I like to have my ego stroked sometimes, I'll admit it, so I'll take that.

Well, Mike is incredibly sweet. On the phone, he makes me laugh so hard, and then he'll just out of the blue say, "I miss you". My heart melts. I wrote him an extremely mushy email this morning telling him how much I loved him and such and he said he loved it. I try so hard not to be clingy, but there are times that I just can't help it. Like especially when I have to leave him to go back home or something. That tears me apart inside. For now, I think I'll get some sleep and look forward to the fact that it will be 3 weeks until I see him. That's something worth looking forward to.