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September 29, 2002
9:07 p.m.
"Stay" - Coal Hill


I am feeling terribly miserable today. My entire skin is achy and hurts to the touch, I can feel the fever in me, and I'm finally keeping stuff in my stomach, although when I woke up this morning at about 5 a.m., emptying my stomach of it's contents. My first thought was that it was the alcohol that caused me to be sick and so I thought, "Great, now that was a waste of alcohol!" But then I lay back down and listened to Megan helping Ana get sick just before I had to get sick. Again. And again. I can't remember the number of times that I did get sick, but it got to the point I was just heaving and throwing up bile. Eventually my body kept trying to empty my stomach, but there was nothing left.

Around 10, I gave Mike a call, just wanting to hear his voice to make me feel a little bit better while I was miserable, and it turns out I woke him up. Evidently, it was a good thing, though, because his alarm didn't go off like it should have. So I woke him up and talked to him about an hour on the phone, he made me laugh and he was concerned about me, making me want, so badly, to be there with him right then. He did some checking for me, and gave me advice on what to do so that I'd feel a little better. To be honest, I did what he told me, simply because it made sense, although it didn't seem to be a miracle cure.

He said he was going to call me, and I expected the phone call when he was driving to work today, but then Justin got on the phone with his friend from back home and didn't get off until 3:30, which is when Mike had to start work!! Grr! So I did the only thing I could do and just went back to sleep off and on all afternoon.